About Us

My name is Alan Baldwin, and I am a 6th Generation farmer from East Central Illinois. We raise cattle, and sell quality beef to the people of my community. When my father and I started this business, we wanted to ensure that our prices were fair and reasonable for the people of our community. I am proud to say that we are still meeting that goal. 

My Great Grandfather Smith and my Grandpa Larrance ran this cattle farm under the name Pleasant View Stock Farm. My father(business partner) Steve has always raised cattle under the name MASH-C Farms, and I wanted to honor him and keep that name going. Men on both sides of my family have been a major influence in my life of farming. I am proud to keep this business going. 

We raise different breeds of cattle such as Angus, Hereford, and a cross breed between the two. We raise them on grass, alfalfa hay, and feed (grinded corn, oats, and vitamin supplement).  Our goal is to feed them a healthy diet so that it's a better grade of beef. 

Here at MASH-C Farms, I am hoping that our local business can provide for you. Being a family man, I know that I have the interests of the American family at heart. With my beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children at my side, let us be the farm that gives you a quality product, with a personal homegrown touch.